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Some common mistakes ESL students make

1. I stayed at home at the end.

I stayed at home in the end.

in the end=finally, after something has been thought about or discussed a lot

at the end of something = at the last point of something

2. There is a long time since I don't see you.

It is/has been  a long time since I saw you.

it is/has been (time) since (something happened/noun)

3. He explained us the rule.

He explained the rule to us.

to explain something to somebody

4. We are three in my family.

There are three of us in my family.

there are (x) of us

5. I don't mind to cook.

I don't mind cooking.

to mind +ing/noun

6. I want that you help me.

I want you to help me.

to want somebody to +infinitive

Can you add anything to this list?

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