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5 Idioms with «Take»

1. to take something for granted = to believe something to be the truth without questioning or testing it; to expect something to be available all the time; to fail to appreciate something (считать само собой разумеющимся; принимать как само собой разумеющееся)

We take it for granted that women can join the armed forces.

Until 9/11, I took it for granted that America was safe from such things as terrorist attacks. I no longer take that for granted.


2. to take sides = to choose one side of an argument (принимать чью-либо сторону в споре; стать на чью-либо сторону)


Have you ever taken sides in an argument before you’ve heard both of them?

I didn't want to take sides, but rather to spur a healthy debate.



3. to take its toll = to cause a lot of harm, especially in a gradual way (нанести тяжелый урон; плохо сказываться на чем-то)

Stress takes its toll on employee productivity.

Lack of sleep was beginning to take its toll on me.


4. to go to/take great pains (to do something) = to make a lot of effort to do something (прилагать все усилия; стараться изо всех сил)

She took great pains to educate herself and read widely.

He took great pains to ensure I understood his explanations.


5. to take your time = to spend as much time as you need (не торопись; не спеши)


Take your time to think through something and when you're ready, act fast.

Take your time to read through all the questions carefully.



Answer the questions.

1. What are some things most people take for granted?

2. Do you ever take sides in family arguments?

3. Why does stress take its toll on our health?

4. Have you ever taken great pains to prepare for an important event, only to forget some important things at the crucial moment?

5. Have you ever taken your time to make a decision about something? What are the advantages of taking your time to decide?


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